Cris B – Sustainable vegan bags

Bolsos Cris B

Cris B, sustainable vegan bags

Spanish fashion firm with designs and own patterns in ecological and sustainable fabrics. We respect the environment.

Every day you have to make decisions. You like to dress fashionably but you want wear without harm the environment. You want to buy sustainable fashion brands but you don´t find bags.

It happens to me too. I love nature and fashion. I decided to create my own vegan fashion brand Cris B with organic fabrics to make you feel proud to wear them because everybody know that with a sustainable bag you can leave in this world a positive footprint.

Cris B is not a regular handbags brand. It´s a lifestyle with a natural spirit. Respecting the environment, crafts to discover the local beauty and also taking care of ourselves.

I has always interested by fashion but with a balance between sustainability and comfortable lifestyle. We work for people who value each garment they wear because it reflects their personality. The Cris B world are people who want will be part of this sustainable fashion change.


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