About us

TrendSpridaren is a distributor company based in Stockholm and a commercial delegate in Spain.

We are the official distributors of all the brands that we commercialize, thus ensuring the best prices for our customers.

The Swedish market is our main country, but we are also willing to work with different countries. Devoting to the import of exclusive products and brands from Spanish fashion manufacturers, we also have a network of export, distribution and sale of products and brands of Scandinavian
manufacturers to the peninsula.

Through our online ordering system or having access to a sample of the seasonal product on the dates marked by our commercial department, our customers can get their orders with the greatest satisfaction, having the peace of mind that we have an efficient logistic control system.

In TrendSpridaren we love the new trends but also the new technologies that is why we have an online marketing department to help our customers.

Our team:

  • Lourdes Bueso Navarro Social Media Marketing

    If I have to define myself in a word that is “restless”. I remember sewing clothes to my own wrists, I have always sought differentiation. In my childhood I already showed a very social character, hence my vocation for social relations. I am behind the social networks of Trendspridaren and also of any brand that trusts us to carry out its strategy in social media. I also manage my own fashion and lifestyle blog in which I show my passion for fashion. I´m Lover of animals, beautiful things and nature make me worry more and more about ecology and sustainable fashion brands, one of the goals for this company, to show national brands that produce with great environment care.

  • David Martínez Salón Sales Manager Spain

    For many years I have been interested in the world of textiles, as a child I helped my grandparents to sell in a market stall. Then I learned about the operation of the stores and later I started working on one of them … I discovered all the steps of their production, from the first encounter with the fabrics, their compositions, clothing, until the exit to the big market of the stores.

    As a professional I consider myself a dynamic, resolutive and conscious person of the sense of social need. I am currently working as a sales manager in the Levante area with different brands. And right now I’m on another big jump, (TRENDSPRIDAREN) with Pablo Barragan, we work in this incredible world of textile as official distributors, putting together all the knowledge acquired in these years of experiences to globalize everything and make known our Spanish products around the world

  • Pablo Barragán Azopardo CEO / Project developer

    Polifacetic could be one of my qualities, fate took me away from the place I grew up, Valencia. But now, established and settled down in Stockholm, I found out I could take advantage of my entrepreneurial spirit, shaping this project. From an early age I was interested in the fashion, designs and materials of the seasons that passed in front of my eyes as a teenager.

    On my twenties, for the first time, I took part in a parade and since then I have not stopped doing things related to fashion. Now with more experience, my senses tell me that small things make the difference. Lover of the animals and the nature, that is the reason I am interested in the sustainable ideas. Thanks to previous business projects, I acquired experience in business administration. My social and empathic profile has helped me a lot to develop a good network of contacts.