Baby Boto´n


Baby Boto´n

Wool boots for babies from 2 to 10 months. The best virgin wool from Italy. Designed in Spain Manufactured in Portugal.

BabyBoto’n is that place in time where we would like to stay forever.

The inexplicable moments of discovering the world for the first time. Our essence is to enjoy the small details without haste because we know we can be small and change the world.

Babyboto’n has a deep respect for tradition and love for the new, that’s why our products look for simplicity and comfort, always with respect to the world we want to leave to our children.

Babyboto’n is the dream of a father and a grandmother with the idea of unifying the current vision of the world with the way of doing before.

Baby Boto’n bots born in Spain and made in Portugal with wool from Italy, the bb’n want link tradition with a new generation of parents who dream, work, share and don´t need to give up anything for their babies. We want to seek comfort, pursuing that our children of today live and dress in the current world with the pause of before, breaking with the chromatic binomial.

This is how the first bb’n were born: the urbane and the folsky, from the workshop of the founder, of their hands and needles, and today they are a reality.


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