The Extreme Collection

The Extreme Collection

Made for an urban young woman, highlighting the materials’ quality and excellence, an affordable luxury

We are a Spanish company that manufactures all its clothes in Spain, with the best raw materials from the European Union. All our collections are limited editions. We export to the American market and soon we will expand our horizons.

The definitive expression of personalized and affordable luxury with a tradition and quality. Impeccable clothing and sophisticated garments.

We are a fashion distribution group whose main objective is to integrate quality and design MADE IN SPAIN at an affordable price, with 6 own stores, several stores under the model of “associated stores” and with more than 300 multi-brand outlets in more than 15 countries.
Besides to The Extreme Collection, its most emblematic firm, has the firm DEVOTA & LOMBA. His unique management model, based on the family management of the business, innovation and flexibility, and its way of understanding fashion – creativity and quality design, together with a rapid response to market demands – Has allowed it to quickly expand internationally and an excellent reception of its different commercial concepts.


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